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High-frequency Model Equipped With Both a Camera That Automatically Recognizes Workpieces and an Automatic XY Table

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Device Features

Precise positioning of delicate workpieces made possible

The Ellinker 40k standard is also equipped with an XY table and image processing system. It is a model made for mass production that enables image-based bond positioning and easy conveyance. You can see how it operates in the video on the left.


Set the workpiece in the XY table's standby position
Press the [Start bonding] button
The XY table moves to the position directly below the camera
Identify the workpiece's geometry specified by the camera and select the coordinates for the bond point
Make the necessary adjustments so that the XY table goes to the position directly below the horn tip
Bonding commences after the XY table moves directly below the horn tip (can be set to commence with or without visual inspection prior to bonding)
The XY returns to its standby position after bonding is complete

* When bonding more than one point in succession, (palletization, etc.), steps 3 to 5 are repeated for the specified points before going to step 6.

Example of Bonds

Bonding a glass epoxy board with a copper wire (0.195 sq.)

Bonding three points in succession. You can expect high-quality and high-efficiency for large-scale production aimed at promoting CASE factors, such as BEV and other next-generation mobility.

Workpiece information

  • Glass epoxy board: Treated with flash gold plating
  • Copper wire: 0.195 sq.

Equipment Specifications

Equipment Dimensions/Weight
Drive part
Approx. W280 mm x D500 mm x H751 mm / Approx. 45 kg
Control panel
Approx. 650 mm wide x 500 mm deep x 400 mm high / Approx. 70 kg
Approx. W370 mm x D450 mm x H200 mm / Approx. 30 kg
Touch panel
Screen size - 8.4 inches
Total housing weight
About 700 g
Bonding Specifications
Bonding area
Approx. 78.5 mm² (depending on the workpiece specified by your company)
Drive system
AC servo motor (1 kW)
Control method
Position control, speed control, and push control via AC servo motor (set range: 1 to 400 N)
Target workpieces
Workpieces designated by your company (all solid state, LIB and other next-generation battery parts, power semiconductor parts, etc.)
Maximum stroke
Distance from horn standby position to maximum bond depth: 40 mm (50 mm for maintenance)

* Due to product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
Please note that since our products are made to order, the specifications may differ from those listed, depending on the required specifications and options.

For more detailed specifications, including information about appearance size, please refer to the following specifications:

Download specifications

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