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Our Flagship Model Which Can Be Used for Large Area Bonding

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Device Features



Large area bonding made possible through high-power output.

Compared to the standard model:

  • Approx. 2.5 times the output of 5000 W.
  • Large area bonds (tool width of 50 mm or more) and increased number of laminated foil bonds for LIB (up to 100 sheets)
  • Bonding SUS-Laminated Foil (30 sheets or more)

and other bonds can be made.



Bonding can be done with long horn tips that are φ 6, and have a length of 150 mm or more

The damage caused by vibrations folding back, present when bonding long and thin horn chips with conventional straight vibration, causes the quality of workpieces to suffer and horn tips to break, making bonding difficult.
However, using complex vibration ensures that quality bonds are made because it does not have the issues previously mentioned. Ideal for bonding cylindrical type, LiB (4680, etc.) can bottoms and power devices without structures.

Example of Bonds

Bonding copper laminated foil

Bonding 60 sheets of copper foil laminated with a large area of 5 mm x 50 mm. You can make high quality bonds without noticeable wrinkles or foil tearing. Large area bonding increases EV, which in turn helps reduce the size and increase the capacity of LIB.

Workpiece information

  • Foil material: copper
  • t=8µm
  • Number of sheets: 60
  • Bond area: 5 mm x 50 mm

Equipment Specifications

Equipment Dimensions/Weight
Drive part
Approx. W300 mm x D550 mm x H1090 mm / Approx. 120 kg
Control panel
Approx. W650 mm x D500 mm x H400 mm / Approx. 70 kg
Approx. W475 mm x D500 mm x H250 mm / Approx. 30 kg
Power supply unit
Approx. W465 mm x D425 mm x H220 mm / Approx. 30 kg
Touch panel
Screen size - 8.4 inches
Bonding Specifications
Bonding area
Approx. 200 mm² (depending on the workpiece specified by your company)
Drive system
AC servo motor (2 kW)
Control method
Position control, speed control, and push control via AC servo motor (set range: 1 to 4000 N)
Target workpieces
Workpieces designated by your company (next-generation battery parts (all solid state, ,LIB, etc.), power semiconductor parts, etc.)
Maximum stroke
Distance from horn standby position to maximum bond depth: 90 mm (100 mm for maintenance)

* Due to product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

Please note that since our products are made to order, the specifications may differ from those listed, depending on the required specifications and options.
For more detailed specifications, including information about appearance size, please refer to the following specifications:

Download specifications

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