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Our Standard Model That Can Handle a Wide Range of Workpieces From Large to Small

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Device Features



Can be used to bond a wide variety of workpieces, no matter the shape

Provides energy efficient and high-strength bonds while also reducing the chances of oxidized layers and impurities from occurring. Can be used for bonding a wide variety of workpieces that have different shapes and sizes, such as laminated foil, stranded cables, and tabs.



Bonding can be done with long horn tips that are φ 2.5 and have a length of 110 mm or more

As with the 20kHz-HP, the Ellinker-20 kHz provides strong bonds while maintaining the quality of workpieces. It can be used effectively for cylindrical type, LiB (2170,18650, etc.) can-bottom bonds, and for mass production.

Example of Bonds

Bonding plates with differing metals

You can bond workpieces that are made of different materials and differing sizes together. Solid phase bonding ensures that no alloy layers are formed, leaving material properties unchanged.

Workpiece information

  • Copper plate: t = 0.5
  • Aluminum plate: t = 0.2
Bonding a metal wire together with a metal plate

Plated metals, and metals that have different shapes can also be bonded. The Ellinker-20 kHz has also been used for wires with thin diameters. Feel free to contact us about your specific needs.

Workpiece information

  • Copper stranded cable: 0.35 sq
  • Copper plate: t = 0.2
  • Treatment: Nickel-plating

Equipment Specifications

Equipment Dimensions/Weight
Drive part
Approx. W365 mm x D686 mm x H1138 mm / Approx. 120 kg
Control panel
Approx. W800 mm x D400 mm x H750 mm / Approx. 100 kg
Approx. W370 mm x D450 mm x H205 mm / Approx. 30 kg
Touch panel
Screen size - 8.4 inches
Bonding Specifications
Bonding area
Approx. 78.5 mm² (depending on the workpiece specified by your company)
Drive system
AC servo motor (2 kW)
Control method
Position control, speed control, and push control via AC servo motor (set range: 1 to 2000 N)
Target workpieces
Workpieces designated by your company (next-generation battery parts (all solid state, LIB, etc.), power semiconductor parts, etc.)
Maximum stroke
Distance from horn standby position to maximum bond depth: 80 mm (90 mm for maintenance)

* Due to product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
Please note that since our products are made to order, the specifications may differ from those listed, depending on the required specifications and options.

For more detailed specifications, including information about appearance size, please refer to the following specifications:

Download specifications

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