LINK-US Co., Ltd.

Company History


Company History
Established for the purpose of researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling ultrasonic complex vibration bonders
The LiB20 kHz prototype (made for automotive use and the first unit to be made by LINK-US), was delivered to major auto parts manufacturers
Capital raised to 25,175,000 yen in June of the same year
Experimental prototypes for mass production were delivered to major battery manufacturers
Machines for mass production were delivered to major battery manufacturers
Test machines for power devices were delivered to major electrical equipment manufacturers in May of the same year
Capital was raised to 361,060,000 yen with investments from Japan Investment Corporation (JIC) (Currently INCJ) and other investment companies
In the same year, mass production started in domestic and overseas factories of major battery manufacturers
Commercialization of the 40 kHz model.Commenced development of the 40 kHz precision positioning unit and the 20 kHz high-power model
Test machines delivered to major battery manufacturers, power device manufacturers, car manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers to be assessed for mass production
Capital raised to 771,060,000 yen, with additional investments from JIC and other investment companies, further enhancing development and manufacturing systems